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Colour MFPs

Colour digital products to meet all your document needs, however complex or demanding.

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Mono MFPs

Mono digital products to suit all applications - personal, workgroup or departmental..

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Special Offers

For details of all current special offers on mono or colour copiers and multi-functional office machines.

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A selection of refurbished copiers and MFP's all of which carry a full machine guarantee.

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A wide range of original and generic consumables for  copiers, printers, fax's and MFP's.

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Welcome to Norfolk Copiers Limited...your copy, print, scan and fax specialists

mf454-finisherA company taking pride in its ability to provide a first class service...


  • Established in 1985
  • An honest approach offering good, sensible, product advice
  • Competitively priced, reliable equipment
  • Installation and training included
  • Full after sales support packages
  • Consistently high service performance
  • DBS enhanced checked engineers


FLEXIBLE TERMS - we fulfil most customer requirements by offering a range of business terms including:

  • Outright purchase
  • Short or long term rental (no finance house involvement), and lease rental
  • Annual maintenance agreements
  • Cost per page maintenance agreements (fully or partly inclusive)
  • Equipment upgrade options


YOUR CHOICE - an impressive portfolio of products from a select number of manufacturers

  • Olivetti, Kyocera, Utax, Develop, Konica Minolta, Samsung, Panasonic, and OKI - printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines
  • Ricoh duplicators
  • KIP & HP large format copiers and multifunctionals
  • Independently verified equipment reliability
  • Digital laser based products
  • Small desktop to high volume console, mono and colour, wide format
  • Copy - Print - Scan - Fax solutions
  • New, ex-rental, and refurbished always available
  • Showroom facilities or on-site demonstrations


AFTER SALES SUPPORT - we recognise the importance of first class service, and are proud of our ability to respond quickly and efficiently

  • A team of mobile service engineers enable a rapid response to on-site service requests
  • Consistently high first fix ratio (our engineers actually carry spare parts)
  • Remote support - remote control sessions via PC or Mac for MFP support - see Service and Support page for more details
  • Full workshop facilities
  • Courtesy machines
  • Customer technical helpdesks
  • Comprehensive customer training


Norfolk Copiers Ltd service photocopiers, laser printers, fax machines, mutli-functionals, and plan printers, in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Norfolk Copiers Ltd supply toners, toner cartridges, ink and masters for Kyocera Mita, Kyocera, Utax, Olivetti, Develop, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Rex Rotary, Nashuatec, Gestetner, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Canon, Xerox, and Hewlett Packard. We supply, maintain, and service in the following areas Norwich, Gt Yarmouth, Dereham, Lowestoft, Swaffham, Fakenham, Kings Lynn, Cromer, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Thetford, Mildenhall, Cambridge, Newmarket. Digital copier sales and service. Mono digital photocopiers, mono copiers, mono MFP, mono multi-functionals, mono multifunctionals, colour multi-functionals, colour multifunctionals, multi-functional products, multifunctional products, mono printers. colour copiers, colour photocopiers, colour MFP,  colour printer, electrostatic and photostatic processes, colour copier Norwich, Colour copier etc norfolk, colour copier etc east anglia, colour MFP Norwich, colour MFP etc norfolk, colour MFP etc east anglia, colour MFP Norfolk, Colour photocopier Norwich, Colour photocopier etc norfolk, colour photocopier etc east anglia, Colour photocopier Norwich, colour photocopier Norfolk . colour photocopiers Norfolk, copying, printing, scanning, faxing. Plan printer, plan copier, digital duplicator, copyprinter. Kyocera copier, Kyocera colour copier, Kyocera color, Kyocera MFP, Kyocera printer, Kyocera service, Kyocera toner, Kyocera parts, Kyocera etc norwich, kyocera etc norfolk, kyocera etc east anglia, Develop colour etc norwich, develop colour etc norfolk, develop colour etc east anglia,  Develop photocopier etc norwich, develop photocopiers etc norfolk, develop photocopiers etc east anglia, Develop colour MFP, Develop toner, Develop service, Develop repair, Kyocera repair, Utax copier, Utax colour, Utax color, Utax MFP, Utax toner, Utax service. Januaryday copiers, Februaryday copiers, Marchday copiers, Aprilday copiers, Mayday copiers, Juneday copiers, Julyday copiers, Augustday copiers, Septemberday copiers, Octoberday copiers, Novemberday copiers, Decemberday copiers. Olivetti etc norwich, Olivetti etc norwich, Olivetti etc norfolk, Olivetti etc east anglia. Panasonic etc norwich, panasonic etc norfolk, panasonic etc east anglia,

Kyocera Product list:  Ecosys P2135d / P2135dn / FS-2100D / FS-2100DN / FS-4100DN / FS-4200DN / FS-4300DN / P4040dn / FS-9130DN / FS-9530DN / P6021cdn / P6130cdn / P6035cdn / P7040cdn /  FS-C8600DN / FS-C8650DN / FS-1220MFP / FS-1320MFP / FS-1325MFP /  M2030dn / M2030dn / M2035dn / M2530dn /M2535dn /  M3040dn / M3540dn / M3040idn / M3540idn / M3550idn / M3560idn / FS-6525MFP / FS-6530MFP / TASKalfa 1800 & TASKalfa 2200 / TASKalfa 1801 & TASKalfa 2201 / TASKalfa 3010i & TASKalfa 3510i / TASKalfa 3501i, TASKalfa 4501i & TASKalfa 5501i / TASKalfa 6501i & TASKalfa 8001i / Ecosys M6026cdn / M6526cdn / M6030cdn / M6530cdn / M6035cidn / M6535cidn / TASKalfa 306ci / TASKalfa 356ci & 406ci / Ecosys FS-C8520MFP / FS-C8525MFP / TASKalfa 2551ci / TASKalfa 3051ci, 3551ci, 4551ci & 5551ci / TASKalfa 6551ci and TASKalfa 7551ci

Olivetti product list: d-Colour P2121 / MF2613en / MF2614en / PG L2235 / PG L2335 / PG L2434 / PG L2140 / PG L2145 / PG L2150 / d-Copia 3013MF / 3014MF / 3513MF / 3514MF / 4003MF / 4004MF / 4003MFplus / 4004MFplus / 5004MF / 6004MF / 1801MF / 2201MF / 1801MFplus / 2201MFplus / 254MFplus / 303MFplus / 3002MF / 3502MF / 4500MFplus / 5500MFplus / 6500MFplus / 8000MFplus

Equivalency list: Develop ineo+3110 - Konica Bizhub C3110 - Olivetti D Colour MF3100 / Develop ineo+3350/3850 - Konica Bizhub C3350/3850 - Olivetti D Colour MF3300/3800 / Develop ineo+227 - Konica Bizhub C227 - Olivetti D Colour MF223 / Develop ineo+287 - Konica Bizhub C287 - Olivetti D Colour MF283 / Develop ineo+258 - Konica Bizhub C258 - Olivetti D Colour MF254 / Develop ineo+308 - Konica Bizhub C308 - Olivetti D Colour MF304plus / Develop ineo+368 - Konica Bizhub C368 - Olivetti D Colour MF364

Equivalency list: Develop ineo+224e - Konica Bizhub C224e - Olivetti D Colour MF222plus / Develop ineo+284e - Konica Bizhub C284e - Olivetti D Colour MF282plus / Develop ineo+364e - Konica Bizhub C364e - Olivetti D Colour MF362plus /  Develop ineo+35 - Konica Bizhub C35 - Olivetti D Colour MF35 / Develop ineo+454 - Konica Bizhub C454e - Olivetti D Colour MF452plus / Develop ineo+554e - Konica Bizhub C554e - Olivetti D Colour MF552 / Develop ineo+654 - Konica Bizhub C654 - Olivetti D Colour MF652

Equivalency list: Kyocera FS-1116 / Utax CD1316 / Olivetti d-copia 164MF, Kyocera FS-1028mfp / Utax CD1028 / Olivetti d-copia 283MF, Kyocera FS-1128mfp / Utax CD1028 / Olivetti d-copia 284MF, Kyocera FS-1116 / Utax CD1316 / Olivetti d-copia 164MF, Kyocera Taskalfa 180 / Utax CD1218 / Olivetti d-copia 1800, Kyocera Taskalfa 181 / Utax CD12186 / Olivetti d-copia 1800mf, Kyocera taskalfa 220 / Utax CD1222 / Olivetti d-copia 2200, Kyocera taskalfa 221 / Utax CD1222 / Olivetti d-copia 2200MF, Kyocera KM-2560 / Utax CD13256 / Olivetti d-copia 2500mf, Kyocera FS-c2026 / Utax CDC1626 / Olivetti d-color 2603, Kyocera FS-c2126/ Utax CDc1726 / Olivetti d-color 264, Kyocera taskalfa 300i / Utax CD1430 / Olivetti d-copia 300i, Kyocera FS-3040 / Utax CD1340 / Olivetti d-copia 403MF, Kyocera FS-3140 / Utax CD1440 / Olivetti d-copia 404mf, Kyocera taskalfa 250ci / Utax CDc1725 , Kyocera taskalfa 300ci / Utax CD1730 , Kyocera taskalfa 400ci / Utax CD1740, Kyocera KM-4050 / Utax CD1240, Kyocera taskalfa 420i / Utax CD1242 / Olivetti d-copia 4200mf, Kyocera taskalfa 500ci / Utax CD1840, Kyocera taskalfa 520i / Utax CD1252 / Olivetti d-copia 5200MF, Kyocera taskalfa 550c / Utax CDc1755 , Kyocera taskalfa 552ci, Kyocera taskalfa 620 / Utax CD1162 / Olivetti d-copia 6200, Kyocera taskalfa 650c / Utax CDc1765, Kyocera taskalfa 750c/ Utax CDc1865, Kyocera taskalfa 820 / Utax CD1182 / Olivetti d-copia 8200

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