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Norfolk Copiers are looking for an experienced photocopier engineer with an in-depth knowledge of Kyocera and Konica manufactured equipment together with good IT related skills. The successful applicant will be involved in the installation and configuration of customers equipment as well as day-to-day field and workshop servicing. If you are interested then please email your details and CV to Martyn Tanner -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



19th December 2018

Customise the user display on your MFP

Why not give your office device a personal touch? Olivetti and Develop now offers you a variety of customisation options for the user interface, operating display and outward appearance of your ineo multifunctional office device.

In multiple user offices you can customise the user interface of your device to suit each user's needs – and that will save a lot of time routine office tasks such as printing, scanning or copying. Functions that are rarely needed can be removed from the operating panel so each user can focus on their particular frequently used features, functions and display-activated workflows. And you can even have the screen design adapted to display a cost-effective standardised user interface that simplifies operation while maximising the user experience.

Customisation lets you play a Flash video on the display when the device is idle, feature a corporate logo or message, or offer users helpful assistance. You can even go for an advert or custom screensaver that can be directly uploaded to the system's hard disk to avoid unnecessary network traffic.


17th December 2018

...and what custom design would you like on your machine?

 Develop are now offering the option of wrapping your machine with a customised image....if you would like to 'try before you buy' then use then cut and paste the link below.....and then enquire with ourselves for further details.


14th December 2018

Konica Minolta/Develop/Olivetti issue warning regarding Emotet malware

The “Emotet” Trojan virus, which has been known about for some time, is once again causing widespread fear and consternation. The malware has already been responsible for a number of serious IT security incidents and caused significant damage. Emotet is viewed by many as one of the world’s most significant malware threats.

What makes Emotet so dangerous? Emotet is spread through massive spam campaigns. Using what is known as Outlook harvesting, Emotet sends seemingly authentic messages. On systems that are already infected, the malware scans all contact relationships and contact data as well as the related e-mail content. The malware then uses this data to send new spam messages. Since all of the details are correct – the names and e-mail addresses of the sender and recipient in the subject, the form of address and the signature – these e-mails look extremely authentic to most users. Recipients therefore often open the e-mails, which will include manipulated attachments (primarily Office documents with macros), or click on the embedded links.

If the file attachment in such a mail is opened or the link clicked, the malware is loaded onto the user’s own system. Emotet then downloads further malware. The consequences are far-reaching: Data can be stolen, entire IT systems brought down. This has already led to significant loss of production in companies.

However, Emotet is not only circulated via e-mails that are sent to the contacts of the infected user; the malware can even be spread to entire corporate networks via the SMB exploit EternalBlue.

As the malware is well camouflaged, anti-virus programs are often unable to detect it. This makes it all the more important for organisations to raise awareness among their staff so that attachments are not opened straight away or links clicked. A particularly beneficial setting is for macros not to be enabled automatically. From a technical point of view, companies should promptly install any updates or patches for their operating system (especially those updates which combat EternalBlue vulnerabilities) or application programs that are issued by software manufacturers. To keep data safe, it is advisable to carry out regular, multilevel backups and to implement network segmentation. If companies are already affected, professional advice should be sought as swiftly as possible.


5th May 2018

Olivetti geared up for data protection regulations

  • With Europe on the verge of one of the most revolutionary shake-ups in Data Protection Regulation ever seen, all devices that can scan, process and store data are under scrutiny to ensure their compliancy with the new GDPR when it comes into force in May 2018. Olivetti's MFPs are prepared and ready and include the new d-Color MF223, MF254 A3 full colour models...... for more details please contact us

17th April 2018

Kyocera TASKalfa Score Perfect 10s for Reliability

BLI, known for their especially high standards, subjected the five TASKalfa models to intense and rigorous testing. In particular, the TASKalfa 8002i and the TASKalfa 7002i were required to make 450,000 impressions in a continuous two-month test run. Even more impressive, the remaining three MFPs were required to produce 225,000 impressions, experiencing zero misfeeds among us for more details


1st January 2018

KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V. (Kyocera) has published a new guide to inform and educate businesses on the specific risks associated with managing paper documents and help simplify the GDPR compliance process ahead of the May 2018 us for more details


6th December 2017


Kyocera Document Solutions Europe B.V. has announced that thirteen products across its TASKalfa and ECOSYS ranges have been awarded “Highly Recommended” ratings from Buyers Lab (BLI), one of the world’s foremost printing product testing us for more details

20th July 2017

Six Kyocera products have been awarded the coveted Buyers Lab Pick commendations from one of the world’s foremost printing product testing providers, Kyocera Document Solutions Europe B.V. announced today.

“Kyocera’s Summer 2017 Pick winners proved to be true workhorses, with exceptional reliability,” said George Mikolay, Associate Director of A3/Production for Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab. “On top of that, the devices have robust feature sets, very good usability, and seamless integration with business software and applications, making them a strong value proposition.” us for more details


29th Nov. 2016


KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. (President: Takashi Kuki), one of the world's leading manufacturers of document imaging solutions and document management systems, is pleased to announce that its new A4 multifunctional products (MFPs) and printers, the ECOSYS M5526cdw, ECOSYS P5026cdw, ECOSYS M2640idw and ECOSYS P2040dw, have won the Good Design Award 2016 hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion (JDP), a public interest incorporated foundation.


11th September 2016


By guarding against possible security leaks from a multifunctional office device, ineo SECURE provides reliable protection for a customer’s documents, data and other sensitive information. In this way ineo SECURE helps to prevent a company’s business secrets from being stolen and its finances or reputation from being harmed as a result of data theft.


15th May 2016


The d-Color MF223 and d-Color MF283 are 2 new colour A3 MFPs which introduce a new product concept in the Olivetti product portfolio: essential features at an affordable price.

The d-Color MF223 and d-Color MF283 do not replace any existing models; in fact they are additional models that will significantly enhance and improve the product portfolio. While offering speeds of 22ppm and 28ppm, respectively, their cost-per-copy is very low and, therefore, are suitable for customers with a limited budgets or a requirement for low to medium printing volumes....enquire for further details


5th May 2016


KYOCERA Document Solutions UK has introduced an enhanced toner recycling programme, offering a fully branded service that provides free supply and collection of boxes in a choice of two sizes, to complement its existing solution for single toner returns.

2nd April 2016


KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced that Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) has certified the KYOCERA TASKalfa 406ci multifunctional printer (MFP) as both “Highly Recommended” and “Highly Reliable” for 2016....enquire for more details


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