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Colour MFPs

Colour digital products to meet all your document needs, however complex or demanding.

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Mono MFPs

Mono digital products to suit all applications - personal, workgroup or departmental..

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Special Offers

For details of all current special offers on mono or colour copiers and multi-functional office machines.

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A selection of refurbished copiers and MFP's all of which carry a full machine guarantee.

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A wide range of original and generic consumables for  copiers, printers, fax's and MFP's.

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Service and support

The key to Norfolk Copiers success is its high quality of service, an important factor in today's competitive, technology driven market place. Our service technicians carry substantial stocks of parts on their vehicles, which ensures that the vast majority of service calls are completed on a first visit fix basis.

Our average service call response time is less than four working hours, with our service engineers carrying mobile phones to enable them to respond rapidly to emergency calls by the rescheduling of routine maintenance calls.

Our workshop facilities provide for machines to be booked in for repair.

Workshop charges: £38.50 + VAT (includes 1/2 hour labour). Excess labour is charged at £15.00 + VAT for each additional 15 minutes (or part thereof).



We provide service and supplies for most leading makes of copiers and printers including Kyocera, Kyocera Mita, Utax, Olivetti, Develop, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Rex Rotary, Nashuatec, Samsung, Panasonic, OKI, Epson, and Hewlett Packard.


Monthly or quarterly service agreement

You pay on a monthly/quarterly basis by a telephone requested, or automatically reported, meter reading. You pay for the number of copies multiplied by a copy charge.

The standard maintenance agreements include the following:

  • telephone support
  • priority call-out
  • call-outs and labour
  • toners, drums & developers
  • replacement parts for the lifetime of the machine
  • remote administration - our metering system allows the automatic reporting of meter readings, machine status, and consumable levels
  • loan machines if required


Remote support

If you require prompt assistance with the reconfiguring of your equipment, the loading of print/scan drivers, or the resolving of IT related issues, then we may need to log in remotely to one of your supervised PC's to perform these tasks. If you do not have a service agreement, or if your service contract does not cover you for remote support, then a basic charge of £40.00 + VAT includes the first 15 minutes of this support, with excess labour charged at £15.00 + VAT per 15 minutes (charged in 15 minute increments). Norfolk Copiers Technical Support currently use TeamViewer to remotely access your PC. By downloading remote support you confirm your agreement to these charges. Please follow the instructions given by the technical support engineer, and only download TeamViewer when instructed to do so.

If we are unable to resolve the issue through remote support and a site visit is required then site visit charges will also apply.


Time and materials agreement

Mono copier, printer, MFP

  • call-out charge (including call administration and travel to site) - £68.50 + VAT
  • each additional 15 minutes (or part thereof) - £15.00 + VAT

Colour copier, printer, MFP

  • call-out charge (including call administration and travel to site) - £68.50 + VAT
  • each additional 15 minutes (or part thereof) - £15.00 + VAT



We provide service and supplies for Ricoh (including Rex Rotary, Gestetner, and Nashuatec) and Riso manufactured machines.

The following service options are available:

Annual maintenace agreement

A one off annual payment provides easy budgeting of your machines servicing.

The maintenance agreement provides for the following:

  • telephone support
  • priority call-outs
  • call-outs and labour
  • replacement parts for the lifetime of the machine
  • loan machine if required
    Time and materials agreement
  • call-out (including travel to site) - £68.50 + VAT
  • each additional 15 minutes (or part thereof)  - £ 15.00 + VAT



We provide service and supplies to most leading makes of facsimile machines including Samsung, Panasonic, Brother, Canon, and Muratec.

The following service options are available.

Annual maintenance agreement

A one off annual payment provides easy budgeting of the machines servicing. The maintenance agreement provides the following:

  • telephone help line
  • priority call-outs
  • call-outs and labour
  • replacement parts for the lifetime of the machine
  • loan machine if required


Time and materials agreement

  • call-out (including travel to site) - £ 48.50 + VAT
  • each additional 15 minutes (or part thereof) - £ 15.00 + VAT


End user tips....

1: Paper storage and reducing paper curl

Technical: Mostly it is a quality issue but poor storage of paper, before it's used, can create a few problems too. Paper should be stored in a dry location, away from the cold and damp. If paper is stored in older buildings then, sometimes cool air and rising damp can become a problem over time. It's worth checking paper storage a few times a year, especially in winter.

Q: What paper type appears to cause the main issues?

Technical: We have had some known issues with some cheaply produced papers. We have also found a few problems with some coated papers when they are used for high volume tasks and over a long period of time.

Q: Is there a pattern to the type causing the issues?

Technical: Generally, we have found paper curl tends to happen more on A3 paper and is caused by the paper not being discharged properly.

Q: Have you had many people ask for advice about paper types?   

Technical: We have been asked, although, in general, most systems are compatible with a wide variety of paper/media types and grades. We do not recommend a specific make of paper as there are complex quality issues to be taken into account, due to the different types of materials available. Ignoring these factors could lead to unforeseen problems such as mis-feeds, paper jams, poor quality print and copy appearance and even damage to the inner workings of a machine.

Q: What other issues do the “wrong type of paper” cause?

Technical: The paper curls and blocks the exit unit and causes jams. There can sometimes be issues with toner not fusing correctly on coated papers so you might end up with unsightly banding or colours not being very strong.

Q: What would be your advice to customers to prevent this sort of thing happening in future?

Technical: We advise customers to check the sort of paper that is being fed through the machine, making sure that the correct paper type is selected, that the paper is positioned correctly and to run good quality A3  90-100gsm paper (where issues occur in A3). So far these recommendations appear to correct problems customers may have where their low throughput of A3 paper causes issues.

2. Email printing tips...

Have you noticed that text on an email is mostly black and that the only colour on the screen may be a blue hyperlink email address or coloured logo at the bottom of an email. If you print this you could be charged the full cost of a colour page on your printer!

TOP TIP: If you have to print an email why not default your printer to black only. You’ll make your colour toner go much further and you’ll only be charged for black toner! Have you also noticed that most emails now carry a privacy notice as a footnote which might mean you end up printing 2 pages with only the privacy notice on Page 2?

TOP TIP:To prevent 2 pages printing out, either set the printer to only print Page 1 of 1 or you can set your printer to default to duplex printing so that you only print on 1 sheet of paper.

3. Printing from tablets and smart phones - some of the technologies available


To use an AirPrint™ compatible printer users have to connect to a printer on a local Wi-Fi network and it must be connected to the same network as an iOS device. The AirPrint™ printer is selected from an app - many are free to install.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print works on mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks, PCs and any other web-connected device a user wants to print from. Printers are managed from the Cloud making it easy for anyone, wherever they are, to find their nearest printer. Simply register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome.

Mobile Print Apps

Olivetti and Develop machines support PageScope™ Mobile App, available as a free download for both iOS, Android and even Windows devices to connect to these MFPs using Wi-Fi. It enables users to print documents and images as well as import scanned data and even supports QR Code scanning and NFC.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

On some of the new models there is a special area allowing connection when a mobile touches it, or is brought within a few centimetres of it.

Dedicated Software e.g. YSoft and PaperCut

Partners such as YSoft and PaperCut provide software for authentication and data security. Their software includes a number of modules such as Print Roaming (or Follow-Me Printing), Mobile Print and Rules Based Printing using a web link  that users can access tenable printing which removes the risk of incoming viruses.

Network Cards & Licence Kits

Many MFPs  feature Network Cards and Licence Kits which give a choice of options for printing or creating a Wifi “Hotspot”, where Wifi is not standard. Users can email directly to the d-Color MF range and print out attachments, which could be PDF, XPS, DOCX, TIFF, PNG files etc. It’s also possible to scan straight to Word, Excel or PowerPoint and can take advantage of OCR functionality.

....more tips to follow....

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